Affiliate Member Marketplace

An Expanded Local Resource Marketplace for Employers

What is an Affiliate Member?

Associated Industries’ Affiliate Members are first and foremost active members of the association.   They are partners who offer a relevant employer service or solution and support the association through advertising, sponsorships of webinars, providing relevant content and offering value-added pricing for our members. The Affiliate Member Marketplace is an area of the Associated Industries’ website where member organizations may link to their sites.

Want to be an Affiliate Member?

Do you offer a service or solution that complements the association’s service offerings and helps small to mid-sized businesses operate better or create thriving workplaces?

Available only to Associated Industries members. For consideration and pricing, please email a short description of your business to



PayNorthwest’s vision is to make it easier for businesses to be employers. They do this by intelligently applying technology, expertise, and service to their customers’ payroll, human resources (HR), and personnel administration needs. The goal of their client solutions is to help client businesses be more efficient and productive as well as maximize their return on their human capital.

PayNorthwest’s strengths are in its market-leading, web-based Lumina platform for time and attendance, payroll, and human resource information, its staff expertise in deploying this technology around the unique client requirements, and its commitment to ongoing support, accountability, and responsiveness.

Learn why PayNorthwest is the preferred alternative to the national big-box payroll providers for employers in the Northwest.

Jamahl Hill
Employer Services Advisor, Spokane, WA
Direct: 509.960.2821