Membership is the smartest and most affordable way to access employment law attorneys, HR professionals and resources.

We Work With…

Business Owners & Operators

Even the best-intentioned owners and operators can find themselves on the wrong side of employment law. It’s complicated, constantly changing, and sometimes—contrary to common sense.

HR Departments of One

Membership is the smartest way to access experienced employment law advice. We help guide HR professionals who understand that keeping up with ever-changing employment law is time-consuming and challenging.

HR Teams

Legal issues can cost employers big dollars and take a toll on reputation and workplace morale. Prevention is the greatest ally. It’s why we support HR departments with tackling things like affirmative action plans or compliance issues.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Bringing new employees on board is exciting and stressful. Being able to access affordable, practical and reliable HR advice is a valuable tool for founders who find their businesses growing.

…in small to mid-sized businesses throughout the Northwest.

How Membership Works

Legal Guidance

As part of your membership, our experienced attorneys can assist you with the details of local, state-specific and federal employment laws and regulations to help you make informed business decisions.

Ask an HR Advisor

Our knowledgeable HR professionals are just a phone call away.   The member care line is available between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday except for holidays.

Flat, Annual Fee

With membership, you can access reliable legal advice, without worrying about the costs.

Tools & Resources

Once launched with membership, you’ll get access to customizable HR forms and detailed policies reviewed by experienced professionals. Finding HR forms just got easier!

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