The New Paid Leave in 2020

January 7, 2020

Starting on January 1, 2020, Washington employees are now able to apply to the Employment Security Department for paid leave benefits when the employee needs to be out of the workplace for a qualifying reason.  Employees may be eligible to receive a portion of their wages (up to $1000 per week) if they need time […]

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Obesity now recognized as a disability under WLAD

October 16, 2019

The WLAD applies to most employers in Washington.  Among its protections, the WLAD guards against discrimination based upon the presence (or the perceived presence) of a disability.  RCW 49.60.180(1).  What impairments are considered a “disability”?  Broadly, a disability is “the presence of a sensory, mental or physical impairment that … is medically cognizable or diagnosable; […]

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Paid Family and Medical Leave Filing Deadline Extended for Reports/Premiums

July 25, 2019

The filing/remittance deadline for Paid Family and Medical Leave 1st and 2nd  quarter reports and premium payments has been extended (yet again!)  Employers will report and remit premiums for quarters 1 and 2 between July 1st  and August 31st.  Employers will file two separate reports (one for each quarter).  There will be no fines or […]

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Preparing for WA Paid Leave in 2020

July 18, 2019

As employers and employees are aware, the new Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave program is currently being funded by premiums, paid by Washington employees and (many) Washington employers. While employees are not yet able to take advantage of these leave benefits, the state will begin accepting applications for the program starting January 1, 2020.  […]

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Data Collection is Now Open for 2019 Compensation Survey!

June 24, 2019

All the salary & benefit details you need. All in one guide.  Our data serves as a vital tool for HR decisions. Participating members will receive the results for free! For more information and to begin the survey go to Compensation Design & Surveys under the benefit services tab.

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Ban the Box Ordinance

April 15, 2019

When crafting job advertisements, revising job applications, or drafting interview questions, employers should be aware that local and state laws now prohibit employers from making inquiries into an applicant’s criminal background until later in the hiring process. The City of Spokane enacted a “Ban the Box” ordinance (Ordinance No. C-35564) in June 2018; enforcement began […]

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EEO-1 Pay Data Reporting Update

April 11, 2019

Late last week the EEOC confirmed that the system which would be utilized for collection of “Component 2” data—which includes hours worked and pay information from employees’ W-2 forms could be complete by September 30, 2019, if a third party data collector could be utilized. There is a significant amount of work that will need […]

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House Bill 1450

March 12, 2019

The Washington state legislature is currently considering a bill that would significantly impact an employer’s ability to use and enforce non-compete agreements with employees and independent contractors in nearly every profession, trade or business of any kind in the state.  Key elements of the bill include: Noncompetition agreements are unenforceable unless the employee earns more […]

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Registration Now Open for Supervisor Boot Camp!

January 29, 2019

Registration Now Open for Supervisor Boot Camp! Feb.  27th – March 1st | April 24th – 26th | Oct. 2nd – 5th        Many supervisors are promoted into their positions without any formal training in supervision or management.  Making the change from peer to the supervisor can be challenging for the employee and […]

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